I'm going to be selling my townhouse and would like to replace the old light covers on the 3 bathroom medicine cabinets.

I can not figure out the manufacturer of the medicine cabinets, and stores like Lowe's say they can not get them anymore. I've posted a picture of the cabinet with one of the light covers off. I just need new covers as these ones have turned yellow and have been burned by using too high a wattage bulb. The bulbs are supposed to be 25 watts which is what is in them now.

The only identification on the unit is the UL codes, which are:
Issue #: D-26,167 and E-10414-L-C0

Underwrites Labs says the info is too old and they can not look it up for me, and their web site doesn't have any info either.

They are about 18 5/8 inches tall and are ribbed. Below is an edge view drawing.

They are plastic (acrylic lenses) and "squeeze" or "snap" into place along thin metal flanges connected to the medicine cabinet. I do not need them to be exact matches. The most important part is that they fit on the flanges.

If anybody knows where I can get these, please e-mail lightcovers@wso.net.

Thank you very much!